Blown-In Insulation

MIDWEST INSULATING SYSTEMS provides both cellulose and fiberglass blown-in insulation.

Loose fill insulation is designed to be mechanically blown into attics and may also be applied into the exterior walls of existing construction (finished walls with no insulation place).

75% of your home’s energy loss can be stopped with proper insulation and control of energy infiltration.

Insulation is one of the few products you can buy that actually pays for itself in as little as one heating/cooling season.


Loose fill, blown-in fiberglass insulation is the standard by which all other insulating materials are measured.  Because of its low settling rate, the high insulating values will stand up over time.  Fiberglass resists moisture and has a low burn rate.


Cellulose insulation works in three ways to insulate your home or place of business.  Cellulose’s wood fiber wall is a superior insulator that traps air spaces between fibers to buffer the flow of warm air and it has a hollow fiber that resists the transfer of heat.  These three methods give cellulose a real advantage over other materials.


Our professional insulation team can help you determine the best blown-in insulation solution for your home or business.  We will help you reduce your winter heating bills and your summer cooling costs.